Chapter 28 (Part 2) – Travels from Paris (before 1986)

I will get back to our most memorable travels later, but there are a few things to be mentioned from our thirteen years in Paris.

We of course went to the U.S., Orlando in particular, to see John’s parents and family. We also went to Sweden and had some memorable experiences in our travels in my country. I have already mentioned in some length our unforgettable trip to Bergslagen west of Stockholm and what we would call middle Sweden. (Chapter 23). I have mentioned our travels to Stockholm on several occasions. There are a few trips that must not be forgotten here though.

In 1979 we made our big trip through the U.S., my firts visit to several places, including Chicago, where we have been back since to visit our very good friends John and Penny in their luxury apartment on Lake Michigan. A wonderful visit where we manged to go to both the Art Institute of Chicago and teh Field Museuml of Natural History. To see more of this amazing visit to our friends and to Chicago, go to Chicago November 14 – 17, 2006 , our trabel site.

This long and fabulously eventful trip through the U.S, excluding the northwest which we merely flew over. Well, we entirely missed Oregon and Washington state. You can only do so much in a trip through a huge country like the United States.

We started out in New York City , visiting My dear friend Norma and husband Ted